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Aerated Concrete

ConcreteThe technology of producing  autoclaved aerated concrete stands for waste-free process, friendly to environment and allowing  to form vast range of assortments to be applied in different types of construction profiles (residential apartments, public utility, industry).


Aerated concrete as construction material has got many advantages:

  • it is very light and has got high thermal insulation; that is a result of its low density (volume)
  • with small weight and high thermo-insulation features it shows beneficial compression streng
  • one may use it to form homogeneous external walls with sufficient thermal insulation
  • it shows beneficial heat accumulation
  • it has got the "breathing" capacity, i.e. takes in and gives away dampness , thus contributing to levelling  air humidity in rooms and providing for healthy microclimate
  • it is non-flammable and fireproof
  • it absorbs moisture from the air slowly
  • it shows good frost resistance
  • it shows mold and bacterial resistance
  • it shows minor shrinkage
  • it shows tendency to dry quickly following dampness
  • it has got low level of radioactive elements ( 15-16% of permissible amounts)
  • it is a durable material



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