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Ceramic backings for welding in inert gas protection

The Refractory Materials Division in Gliwice developed a production technology of ceramic backings for welding stainless and special steels in inert gas. The design enables direct supply of gas to the welded surface.Two basic versions of the backings were developed, enabling welding of both: flat and arc-shaped surfaces (i.e. large diameter pipes, tanks).

Ceramic Backing W20The use of new generation of backings allowed for:

  • reduction in gas consumption
  • reduction of welding time (without the need for unilateral pre-welding)
  • obtaining quality welds in high-alloy steels welding (austenitic, austenitic-ferritic, stainless steel
  • obtaining clean, shiny, level, unoxidized root of the weld


Ceramic backing W7Technological tests carried out in the selected plants gave following results:

  • ceramic backings can be used to weld stainless, duplex and heat-resistant steels up to the thickness of 5 mm
  • dimensions of ceramics backings should be adjusted individually for specific applications (flat or arc-shaped surfaces)



Backings for inert gas welding were awarded with medals:

  • Gold – the 59th Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies "Brussels Innova 2010"

  • Gold – the 5th International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS 2011

  • Silver – the XIV Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes 2011"

  • Bronze – the 9th International Exhibition on Research, Innovation and Invention "Pro Invent 2011" in Cluj-Napoca.



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