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Laser technology in ceramic component decoration

talerze minFor many years the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials has been preoccupied with developing decorative technologies for use in the ceramics, glass and enamelling industries by implementing research and development as well as target projects.


In order to increase the competitiveness of ceramic products attention was directed at the decorating techniques. Lasers, which are increasingly popular in various industries, have became a tool for achieving the goal of introducing innovative products to the market. A special palette of ceramic colours has been developed for use in decoration of ceramic products together with a process for fixing them using a fibre laser working at wave length of 1090 nm and picosecond laser working at wave lengths of 532-535 nm and 352 nm.




The decorating techniques using laser technology allow for rapid application of individual decorative motifs in a very short time and may be used on ceramic tiles as well as porcelain products. The advantage of using this technology is rapid reaction to the customer's needs. The low energy consumption during the setting of decorative motifs, small area needed for production and low level of investment required for the installation of a laser station allow this technology to be implemented in small and medium companies providing ceramic product decorating services.


The colour palette for use in laser decorating techniques has been developed within the Technological Initiative program.

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