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New Laboratory for Innovative Materials and Environmental Monitoring just opened!

January 23 this year, was the official opening of the new laboratory of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Opole. That's seven specialized laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment worth over 5 million zł. The laboratory will perform not only research but also provide research services to private companies or institutions.


The new lab has become an important part of research offer of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials for customers not only in the country but also in Europe. This fact was expressed by the words spoken during a press conference: “Today hosting here guests from institutes of different European countries it is certain that they can have serious complexes” - commented Professor Jan Deja Ph.D. Eng. from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, which emphasizes his roots from Opole. “I'm really impressed and proud that Opole will become one of the most important place of laboratory tests for building materials in Poland” - he adds.

A few words about the Laboratory:

The equipment of laboratory is unique in the whole province and one of the most modern in the country. This is a next step in building a professional scientific base of Opole province and specialized support for existing and emerging enterprises and institutions. No other lab in the Opole region has  such advanced research instruments. The range of possibilities of the equipment installed in the Laboratory for Innovative Materials and Environmental Monitoring in Opole is following: research and development of author’s solutions in areas of building materials, road materials,

  • recycling and bioengineering,
  • study the impact of everyday products on CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and labeling them for a "Green Product"
  • professional measurements of fuel in the fuel and other substances,
  • trace analysis of elements and samples required in forensics, in studies of archaeological materials (including radiocarbon dating), biological and geological materials,
  • the tests of water and air,
  • the tests in the pharmacy, geochemistry, oceanography, industry
  • research related to the reconstruction of climate change,
  • survey on the share in fuels of fossil/renewable materials,

The laboratory has been built thanks to the partial funding of the project “Opole Innovation Platform", where a leadership role belongs to Centre for Economic Development in Opole (OCRG). The Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials created a new Laboratory for Innovative Materials and Environmental Monitoring. The laboratory was established with founds of the Regional Operational Program of Opole Province for period of 2007-2013. The total value of the EU financing amounted 1,88 million zł.




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