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HIP- Hot Isostatic Press

HIPTo meet the demands of Polish scientists engaged in research in areas such as materials engineering,  solid-state physics, Earth science, defence sciences etc., the first hot isostatic press (HIP) in Poland was set working at the Department of Nanotechnology.


The HIP apparatus at the Department of Nanotechnology has the following working parameters:

  • pressure - up to 300 MPa of nitrogen or argon atmosphere,
  • working temperature:
    • up to 1460°C with a molybdenum furnace,
    • up to 2000°C with a graphite furnace,
  • working dimensions inside the crucible: 220 mm height, 115 mm diameter.

The construction of the apparatus allows working with two different types of furnaces that can be exchanged easily and quickly. The furnaces, thanks to their segmental construction, make it possible to heat the working space independently in two segments. This implies the possibility of working with temperature gradient, that is particularly important e.g. in growing monocrystals from solutions. That detail of the construction makes the apparatus absolutely unique. Another technical property making the apparatus superior to standard ones is the upper limit of working pressure, not exceeding 200 MPa for most types of HIPs, and reaching 300 MPa for the HIP apparatus at the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials.


A number of real processes of sintering ceramic materials have been conducted at the Department of Nanotechnology so far. The most interesting results were obtained for magnesium-aluminium spinel. Tests have clearly demonstrated the usefulness of the HIP process in producing new generation of ceramics for applications in opto-electronics.


All interested are invited to co-operation in the area of structural analysis and manufacturing of nanomaterials.




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