“Department of Ceramics and Composites – operating at the borderland between the atomic and macroscopic scales of the material engineering.”


Department provides services in the scope of:

  • X-ray phase and structural analysis
  • X-ray textural analysis
  • analysis of chemical composition with the use of fluorescent X-ray method (WD-XRF)
  • comprehensive thermal analysis of samples (TG, DTA/TG, DSC-TG) along with analysis of gas products of the disintegration with FTIR infrared spectrometer
  • measurement of the thermal diffusivity
  • measurement of linear dimension changes of samples in the -150 to 1000°C and 25 to 2800°C temperature ranges
  • measurement of physicochemical transformation heat
  • sample preparation for the mentioned above tests.


Department provides services based on the following devices:

  • HIP, Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • Laser Flash analyzer for thermal diffusivity analysis
  • The simultaneous thermal analyzer (TG, DTA/TG, DSC-TG) conjugated with the FTIR spectrometer
  • FTIR infrared spectrometer for analysis of gasses evolved in the course of sintering processes
  • Low - and high temperature dilatometer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
  • X-ray spectrometer
  • Bruker-AXS D8 Discover X-ray diffractometer


Department has at its disposal the following auxiliary equipment, designed for the preparation of test pieces:

  • Press for compression mounting of material samples in thermosetting resin
  • Attachment for vacuum assisting of sample mounting in a thermo-hardening resin
  • grinder/polisher with the automatic head
  • Herzog HTP40 automatic hydraulic press (40 tons of pressure)
  • Vacuum spaying apparatus (Pt-Au)
  • Induction fusing plant Panalytical Perl'X3



Head of Department

Krzysztof Perkowski Ph.D. Eng.



(+48) 22 549 97 78


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