The research and development activity (B+R) constitutes the main source of discoveries for the leaders of innovative enterprises. Therefore, the objective of ICiMB is to carry out continuously the scientific work, realized for the increasing of knowledge resources, associated with technical ceramics, bioceramics, building materials (cement, concrete), material nanotechnology. Therefore, we are doing our best to ensure, that our work is characterized with the ability for practical implementation by the institutions of business environment. Our highly qualified scientific staff, combined with a vast technological background, results in the fact, that we are in a position to realize even the most technologically advanced innovative scientific-and-research projects.

Interdisciplinary teams of employees were set up within the organisational structure of the Institute, that with support of laboratory equipment are well prepared to perform complex innovative research projects. The results of research works conducted are presented by the Institute in national and foreign scientific publications and journals issued by the Institute:

Creativeness, non-conventional way of thinking, passion for searching a new solutions, openness to new ideas, make up our potential, which is gladly offered to you.

Current projects:

Polish-Norwegian Research Programme

Title: Utilization of CRT waste glass in the glass tiles manufacturing process - developing technological parameters

Title: Inter-generational and family learning for Ceramists (CERVIVE)
Program/Funding source: LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME Grundtvig 2014

Title: Innovative technology of colourful laser decorating the flat glass with ceramic agents
Project manager: prof. Andrzej Olszyna Ph.D. Eng. Headquarters in Warsaw (consortium leader)
Title: Sewage pipes of chemical resistant concrete
Headquarters in Warsaw (Consortium Member)


Recently completed projects:

Title: Development  a methodology of the identification of selected thermophysical properties of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) with opposite method
Project manager: prof. ICiMB Genowefa Zapotoczna-Sytek  Ph.D. Eng.
Title: The influence of chemical admixtures on physicochemical processes occurring in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) production.
Project manager: prof. Władysław Abramowicz Ph.D. Eng.
Title: An activating laser technology of marking and decorating ceramics and glassware
Project manager: Danuta Chmielewska Ph.D.
Title: Role of xonotlite and gyrolite in structure formation of aerated concrete
Project manager: prof. ICiMB Genowefa Zapotoczna-Sytek Ph.D. Eng.

Title: An industrial mixer for producing water suspensions of very fine-grained mineral materials (including lime and cement)
Project manager: Mirosław Włodarczyk Ph.D. Eng.

Title: Development a new Antibacterial bioglasses in the nanopowders form for medical applications
Project manager: Lidia Ciołek M.Sc. Eng.
Title: A Ceramic Heating Element for Flow Liquid and Gas Heaters
Project manager: Cecylia Dziubak Ph.D.
Title: Investigation of the suitability of  fly ashes from coal burning in fluidized combustion bed boilers for the production of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)
Project manager: prof. ICiMB Genowefa Zapotoczna – Sytek Ph.D. Eng.
Title: Developing new technology for producing ceramic implants based on TiO2 for use in bone surgery and assessment of their biofunctionality
Project manager: Sławomir Michałowski M.Sc. Eng.
Title: Studies on the synthesis of cements for selected applications in endodontics with an evaluation of their biofunctionality and biocompatibility
Project manager: Joanna Karaś M.Sc. Eng.
Title: A study on the synthesis of a new colour palette of ceramic colours from purple to violet
Project manager: Stanisław Traczyk Ph.D.
Title: Development of technology to produce optical and laser ceramic materials of new generation
Project manager: Adam Witek Ph.D. Eng.
Title: The quest of the lost production method of unique German ceramic material from 19th century Chaussestaub for the needs of reconstruction of sculptures and architectonic elements – an example of the eagle from Wilanow Palace
Project manager: Paweł Bylina Ph.D.

Title: Development and implementation of production of dental glass-ionomer cements with a bifunctional liquid
Funding source: MNiSW
Title: Development and implementation of production of leadless, chemical resistant high temperature colours
Funding source: MNiSW
Title: Polymer-modified concrete for manufacturing precast products
Funding source: NOT  

Title: Energy saving concepts for the European ceramic industry (CERAMIN)
Title: Ceramic Glaze Recipes (CGR)
Program/Funding source: LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME Transfer of Innovation, Leonardo da Vinci 2012

Title: Laboratory of Ceramic Nanotechnologies
Project manager: Paweł Bylina Ph.D.


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