Collaboration within non-governmental organisations facilitates effective solution of the problems related to the sector, where the Institute is active and also contributes to taking up activities towards development of the economy and economic cooperation with other countries.


Participation in scientific networks:

  • ENVITECH-NET Environment Protection Technologies
  • Environment vs Technologies



Participation in scientific - industrial consortia:


  • Purpose of the activity is scientific and research cooperation within the scope of testing of products, finding their application in motor vehicles, as well as in the domain of materials with the portion of ceramics and glass, and also cooperation in the production implementation of the outcome of carried out research projects.

Scientific Consortium

  • Created with the aim to prepare a proposal for establishing the Strategic Research Program „Modern Technologies for Processing of Primary and Secondary Mineral Raw Materials”

Technology Partners

    • Objective of the activity: among other things, strengthening of competitive position of Consortium Members at home and foreign markets, supporting their participation at the international research programs, supporting of restructuring processes and improvement of the administration.

      LASERKOLOR scientific and industrial consortium

      • Consortium created to fulfill the project tasks within the framework of the Applied Research Programme





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