Leadless colours for glass and ceramic decoration


The harmful activity of lead compounds present in ceramic colours forces to seek solutions eliminating harmful agents both during the colours production stage as well as during their application.

The characteristic feature of the invention is that the colours made according to this technology do not contain lead compounds and their chemical composition  guarantees giving  shine to decorated surface and intensity of colour comparable with colours based on lead fusing agents which were previously used.

The solution according to the invention implies 6 pallets of colours for firing in the temperature range from 800°C to 1250°C.

  • onglaze metallic ceramic colours for decorating porcelain
  • ceramic colours for decorating ceramic tiles
  • onglaze ceramic colours for decorating porcelain
  • underglaze colours
  • majolica colours
  • colours for decorating glass using the fusing technique


.:: Metallic Colours


Application: Farby metaliczne
Suitable for decoration of porcelain, semiporcelain and ceramic tiles by techniques: ceramic printing decal, punching and spraying.
Firing temperature: 800-850°C.


.:: Majolica colours


Application: Farby majolikowe
Suitable for decoration of low-fired ceramic products, by hand painting techniques of ceramic products covered by non-fired glaze.
Firing temperature: 900-960°C.


.:: Colours for decorating ceramic tiles


Application: Farby do zdobienia płytek ceramicznych
Suitable for decoration ceramic tiles by techniques: direct-on screen printing, spraying and manual brush-painting.
Firing temperature: 850-900°C, 1050-1150°C.


.:: Underglaze Colours


Application: Farby podszkliwne

Suitable for decoration of stoneware, semi-porcelain and faience by techniques:

  • punching, spraying and hand painting.

Firing temperature is firing temperature of transparent covering colours glaze.


.:: Onglaze colours


Application: Farby naszkliwne
Suitable for decoration of porcelain and semi-porcelain by techniques: ceramic decal, punching, spraying and hand painting.
Firing temperature 830-860°C.


.:: Leadless colours for glass


Application: Farby do zdobienia szkła
Suitable for decoration glass by techniques: fusing and during the formation process.
Firing temperature: 780-950°C.










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