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Instytut Krzemianów lata 50-teInstitute of Ceramics and Building Materials conducts its activity as continuation of tradition started by previously existing units, first of all the Institute of Silicate Technology (established in 1951 and transformed into the Institute of Glass and Ceramics Industry in 1954). Since 1971 the unit has adopted the name of the  Institute of Glass, and since 1975 the Institute changed his name for the  Institute of Glass and Ceramics.


The following units could be found within the structure of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics:

  • Institute of Glass in Warsaw with its Division and Experimental Plant in Cracow as well as Experimental - Prototype Station in Tomaszow Mazowiecki,
  • Central R&D Center for Ceramic Industry „Poltecer” in Pruszkow, further transformed into a division of the Institute.

Starting with September 2007 another two independent  institutes  joined the Institute of Glass and Ceramics : Institute of Refractory Materials in Gliwice (founded in 1953) and Institute of Mineral Building Materials in Opole (founded in 1954) . They all started to operate under the new name of Institute of Glass, Ceramics Refractory and Building Materials. The last organisational change took place on the 1st January 2010 with acquiring of  Research and Development Center for the Concrete Industry CEBET.


The Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials is the only scientific-research institute in Poland, which covers industry such as mineral processing, ceramic material and glass production technology, refractory and building materials, mineral binders and concrete products.


The Institute undertakes the following works and services:

  • research works within glass, ceramics, bioceramics, fire-resisting and construction materials , material and process engineering,
  • certification of goods made of glass and ceramics, concrete,  aggregate and building chemistry as well internal plant production control ,
  • services like experts' opinion and technical advice, energetic and technological audits,
  • production of special and low-batch technical ceramics, mineral glaze, binder and compound.


ICiMB has got very close cooperation with academic centers like AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow or  Warsaw University of Technology, with those entities it runs joint research projects.




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