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Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials is the only scientific-research institute in Poland, which covers industry such as mineral processing, ceramic material and glass production technology, refractory and building materials, mineral binders and concrete products.


.::Ceramic and Concrete Division in Warsaw


Centrala ICiMBDevelopment and research activity includes research and implementations in the area of ceramics: testing of biomaterials, in this in particular glass-ionomer cements for dentistry and otosurgery, bioglasses, implants and ceramic cements for bone surgery, process improvement to obtain monolithic and porous constructions, in this nanostructural and gradient materials of high mechanical resistance (eg. ballistic ceramics) which are thermal stress proof in high temperatures, forming ceramic, metallic and semiconductor nanopowders as well as new technologies to receive decoration agents like pigments, enamels and paints to decorate articles made of glass, ceramic and metals.



.::Glass and Building Materials Division in Cracow


Odział Szkła i Materiałów Budowlanych w KrakowieGlass and Building Materials Division in Cracow main subject of activity involves as follows:

  • conducting of research and development works and implementations related to industrial processing relevant for manufacturing of ceramics, glass and construction materials,
  • conducting of works related to standardization, certification and quality assessment of goods,
  • popularisation of results obtained from research works and development studies,
  • conducting of training activity and scientific and technical information,
  • performing process tests in laboratory, small scale and experimental pilot-type production,
  • production of measurement and control devices and construction materials.

The Division has got the status of a notified unit of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva in the area of homologation tests of vehicle glazing materials subject to the UNECE Regulation No.43



.::Building Materials Engineering Division in Opole


OpoleResearch and implementation works are aimed at the following:

  • pro-ecological and energy-saving manufacturing technologies that contribute to reduction of harmful industrial impact on environment,
  • new technologies of building materials manufacturing with utilization of waste materials,
  • quality assessment of raw materials for building materials production,
  • utilisation of renewable energy resources for technological processes.

The Division also owns accredited research labs that perform tests with certificates accredited AB 373, AB 799 to the following standard: PN – EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.



.::Refractory Materials Division in Gliwice


Oddział Materiałów Ogniotrwałych w GliwicachOver 50 - year experience in conducting research and development works, also expertise in the area of manufacturing and application of high temperature ceramics as well as in the area of  processing ceramic raw materials and application thereof in the environment protection ambience. Among the main directions of activities, the following may be listed:

  • microporous ceramic materials for applications at high temperature metallurgical processes and thermal insulation,
  • new ceramic materials for thermal processing and gasification of carbon,
  • unburnt fire-resisting materials for monolithic coatings and regeneration of boiler settings, in this composite monolithic ceramic and ceramic - carbon materials,
  • ceramic coating and multilayered materials for high-temperature applications,
  • ceramic materials of controlled microstructure to be used in catalysis, metals parting processes and environmental protection,
  • Cr2O3 - free construction materials resistant to liquid metals and metallurgical slag and for the use in furnaces to burn and melt scrap material,
  • dolomite materials of high fineness, resistant to hydration,
  • oxide-matrix and non-oxide matrix composites,
  • regeneration and processing of fire-resisting waste, in this deep upgrading of slag from alkaline products,
  • utilisation of industrial and municipal waste with the help of ceramic processes.






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