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This is the leading idea of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials to meet the requirements and needs of scientific and industrial environment. Within the structure of the Institute, units depending on their activity profile meet the requirements binding for management systems according to standards in force. As a Notified Body and a Technical Assessment Body, the Institute meets the requirements specified in the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council.


Our strategic goals are as follows:

  • to maintain leading role in providing professional services and innovative technological solutions to our partners;
  • to conduct activity at the level that will enable reaching the highest quality of rendered services;
  • to gain full confidence of our Clients a regards our quality, neutrality and professional approach to all works undertaken by us;
  • to secure independence, neutrality and confidence for all research done at all functioning levels of the Institute;
  • to continue mastering of methods, tools, effectiveness of management systems and employee competences;
  • to raise in every employee awareness and responsibility for quality of work performed.

The institute executes its strategic goals by means of the following:

  • Performing of research works in a competent, unbiased and confident approach in respect of the results according to provisions included in the Quality Books, procedures and general rules of professional conduct;
  • Acquiring modern testing and measurement equipment for the Institute as well as auxiliary equipment in order to extend research capacities;
  • On-going monitoring of the Clients’ requirements and needs;
  • Increasing scope of offer covered by the accreditation in research laboratories;
  • Employment of staff with high qualifications and steady development of their competences;
  • Correct communication processes at all functioning levels of the Institute;
  • Meeting statutory requirements and legal regulations;
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific and research centers, standardization organisations and associations.

The Institute Employees are familiar with the policy and comply with it as well as the procedures included in the Quality Books and related documents. The Director of the Institute declares that he will put all his efforts to have the policy observed in full.   Department Directors are responsible for execution of all goals and securing the means in specific Departments. Measurable operational goals are determined during management reviewing activities.



The Certification Department in Warsaw and the Centre for Certification and Standardisation in Kraków conduct certification of construction products in accordance with provisions of the regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council no. 305/2011IC (CPR) and technical specifications harmonised therewith, and in accordance with provisions of the national law, normative documents and certification programmes.  Certification is available for all requesting parties, whose operations fall within the scope of our notification and accreditation. No unreasonable financial or procedural demands are presented. Caring for professional, trustworthy and impartial certification operations, and considering the expectations of its Clients and other interesting parties.


The Certification Body assumes the following goals:

  • provide high quality of certification services rendered in the European regulated scope covered by notification, in the national regulated scope covered by accreditation, and in volunteer scope;
  • continued expansion of the scope of product certification operations;
  • increase of trust towards the national compliance assessment system;
  • improvement of the internal management system and conducted operations.


The above goals are achieved by:

  • improving the quality and scope of rendered services;
  • reacting to the needs of the market and Clients;
  • maintaining impartiality in certification processes conducted;
  • observing the principle of equal treatment of Clients;
  • reacting to complaints of all interested parties;
  • ensuring the employees have opportunities for development and improvement of qualifications;
  • perfecting procedures and management methods.

In order to build trust towards the conducted certification operations, decisions are taken impartially, solely on the basis of objective proof. We identify and analyse all hazards stemming from various relations of the Body and effectively manage potential conflicts of interests. A Committee for Certification has been appointed, which is authorised to independently monitor the impartiality of operations of the Certification Body.


The above policy is understood and observed by all personnel of the Certification Bodies. I declare involvement in execution of the adopted policy and in providing the resources necessary for the functioning and improvement of the system implemented in the Certification Bodies.






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