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Durability and effectiveness of concrete shields against ionizing radiation in nuclear facilities

Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Glass and Building Materials Division in Krakow, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences, National Centre for Nuclear Research and company Hydrobudowa-1, are going to realize together a research project, which aim is to develop durable and effective concrete shields against harmful ionizing radiation in nuclear facilities.


Developed solutions will be used for preparation of recipes and technology of innovative concrete shield technology of improved functionality and will be verified in the industrial scale at ready mix concrete plant with the use of special cements. The results of the project will be used by designers and shield materials manufactures as well as by the supervision monitoring the construction and condition of the nuclear energy objects in service.


Glass and Building Materials Division in Krakow, among others, is going to produce trial batches of special cements at semi and industrial scale for application in the concrete shields of improved durability, giving also the full performance characteristics. Based on the state of the art of binders for concrete shields and suitable domestic experiences from the construction period of Żarnowiec Power Plant, cements for examination and production with specification of necessary modification range due to the requirements of analyzed concrete shield technology will be elaborated.

Due to assumed construction of nuclear power plant in Żarnowiec researches over application of concrete in the buildings connected with nuclear energy generation were performed in Poland since 1970. Since that time intensive investigations aiming to evaluate concrete application conditions for shields in the nuclear energy were realized in several most technologically-developed countries.

The project “Durability and effectiveness of concrete shields against ionizing radiation in nuclear facilities” was recommended for financing in the II Competition of Applied Research Program (PBS) of The National Centre for Research and Development. Project is going to be realized in 2013-2016.




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